F**king a Raifu? What’s Wrong With You?

For this review, we’re going back in time a few weeks to when I got some patches from Sadmin and Captain Honey Badger. Two packages encompassing 3 patches and a mere 10 minutes of your day. So while I choke on coffee and coconut flavored jelly beans, kick back and enjoy the view of the patches in today’s article.

So from the get-go, AK74-chan is getting us fired up in this fine woven lewd depiction! Be careful when bedding your raifus, lads, you never know what it holds in store for you, but the name is pretty suggestive. Upotte patches are certainly popular as of late. This one is an accurate depiction of AK74 from the manga, though we never saw her like this before. The detail is simply exquisite, though I have to wonder if there is a reason for the disappearing black outline on her left arm and torso. Nitpicking aside, her nipples look like they’re actually popping out from the patch (censored for reasons) and I can’t help but wish those were my bed sheets she were grabbing. The patch is fine woven material with a merrowed border and the velcro hook backing uses adhesive application and needlework. It measures 3 inches in diameter and it’s a shame Sadmin is currently sold out of these.

Stoking our fire is the real competitor, the og Major League Galil rocking her namesake rifle on this rectangular patch. All I can say about this patch is simply, “Wow!” The detail achieved with only 4 colors is incredible, there’s no other way to describe it. Normally fine woven is preferable but this being embroidered actually adds to its strength. This patch is three-dimensional, albeit on a small-scale. The rifle, her shoulder and hair, even her hands and fingers are visually and physically distinguishable. The knockoff that I talk about how I regrettably purchased in the vijayo simply cannot compare to this one, even with being a larger production. If you’re going to get an MLG patch, this is the only option. It measures 3″ by 1.875″ with a merrowed border and velcro hook backing attached via adhesive and thread.

Finally, to help us all cool down is a short run of patches from the Captain to remind us all of how we’re a bunch of white supremacists and Nazi scum for using a Facebook sticker. That’s right, it’s the giant purple pigeon known as Trash Dove. After an intensive session with a 40″ tv and a magnifying class, I’m confident in saying that this is an extremely faithful reproduction of the famed sticker. Unfortunately, there were only 25 these patches made and there’s no plans to make more. Though you may try messaging HBDC on Facebook since the cap’n made mention of his friend having some. They’re 3D PVC patches with a sewn on velcro hook backer and 2.625″ tall by 2.125″ wide.


Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today, please go support me on my Patreon. Have a great weekend and remember, don’t get bloody, cut towards your buddy.

Sam Moore

Sam Moore

Just some Army veteran who likes guns and patches. So strap yourselves in for some high-octane tactical unboxing action of patches I buy, patches I'm selling, and sometimes just random other stuff I get in the mail. Oh, and it isn't really that high octane now that I think about it.

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