Review: The 6B47 Helmet

With 50,000 units being delivered annually, and the oddly capitalistic nature of Russian’s, many “ratnik” sets have been made available to the US market. A really cool item that I’ve gotten my hands on is the 6b47 helmet.

I ordered the helmet after being introduced to the world of bbwarz (more to come on that). A younger Gorkaguy went on a gear buying rampage, buying random shit that didn’t fit together at all, including a 6b45, 6b47, a new gen SSO smersh.

It taught me a lot about two things. Research, and that Russian gear is pretty neat. The 6b47 impressed me with its weight and comfort. Coming in at around 1.1 Kg or 2.64 pounds. Giving the US Army’s ACH a run for its money, with an included NOD shroud that accepts US Army rhino arms, and an accessory (1913) rail, it’s quite a nice lid.

Everything about this helmet system is designed around comfort in cold weather conditions. The harness system is very comfortable, and prevents the problem that pads have in the cold, which is freezing to your head. The cover has included ear flaps, keeping the harsh Siberian wind off your ears. It comes with three balaclavas (two winter and one summer weight), which makes for a very fine package overall. One can see why they have gotten such positive feedback.

Rated for all threats a “slav” would face on the battlefield, such as a 9x18mm fired from a Makarov or high speed frag from a BM-21 “Grad”, the 6b47 makes a cool lid for BB larpers or aspiring VDV cos-players.



Gorkaguy is an EMT, the owner of Vostok Imports, LLC, and is a gear enthusiast. If it pertains to field medicine or gear, he is all over it.

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