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This is the beginning of the Kommando Blog Project. A collective effort by /k/ommandos to create and share /k/ related content in a more curated platform. As stated on our About page, this blog will not serve as a replacement to /k/ but rather, it will act as a standalone site for authors, contributors, and content creators to share their unique perspectives on many topics.

The blog is at its very early stage of development. I think that its current form is plenty good already for navigation and the like, but it lacks some elements that give it a unique feel and look; that will be remedied in due time. This project is an all volunteer effort on the part of developers and authors. The only payroll is graphic design & art commissions. All other content is created in the spare time of authors and developers. If you would like to support us by means of donation, your patronage would be immensely appreciated. I have set up a Patreon for this reason. As much as I hate asking for money, I think that this method has been proven to be the most successful platform for providing rewards in exchange for your hard earned dollar.

Click on the image above to visit our Patreon page. Every little bit helps!

We want to stay true to our mission in providing quality content to readers. It started as a simple project but we have hopes that it will become a community of like minded individuals with the ability to share their perspectives on an array of topics. Filling a niche in the internet gun community and beyond. If you’re interested in firearms, gear, history, military vehicles, girls & guns (of the 2D variety), and everything in between, The Kommando Blog is for you!



Founder of The Kommando Blog, and a /k/ommando from New York. Don is a firearms enthusiast, competition shooter, and collector of militaria. He also volunteers at a local tank museum.

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